updated on 01/30/2018
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ATTENTION BERMUDA BAY UNIT OWNERS - Bermuda Bay is replacing all unit owner vehicle decals. Please see the front office to get your new parking decal. (Existing green decals will no longer be valid as of January 1, 2018)
- Replacement decals will be FREE OF COST with return of your existing green decal.
- Replacement without return of green decal or change of vehicle registration is $5.00
- For new unit owners or 1st time vehicle registration, decals are $10.00
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The Office hours are from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday thru Friday

  1. Security is on site: Security is on site: Securitas Security Company serves the guard shack 7 days a week 5pm - 3 am. The guard shack phone number 727-827-2957.  If you are expecting a guest, you need to contact the office 727-864-0735 to register them. The guard will then be notified. Large parties MUST REGISTER prior to date of occasion. The guard shack will have a new number shortly and it will be advertised.

  2. After Hours Emergencies: Resource Property Management at 727-346-4819 or the manager at 727-432-0880.

  3. Owners requesting to be placed on entrance gate directory & gate instructions

  4. The Clubhouse may be reserved for private parties. To reserve the clubhouse, please contact the office at (727) 864-0735. $100 Rental Fee, and $300 Deposit is required.

  5. Cars must have proper resident decals, hang-tags, and/or visitor passes. Parking permits are issued at the office. Guest parking permits are $10. All vehicles must have proper vehicle permits. Per Condominium Declarations all vehicles must be insured, registered and properly plated or may be subject to tow. This includes no tags and expired vehicle tags.  NEW DECALS REQUIRED FOR 2018!

  6. Pool Rules - Pool Rules for clubhouse; Pool Rules for Families; SPA rules

  7. Tennis Courts and Racquet Ball Courts are locked at 11:00 pm. All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  8. Pets must be on a leash at all times and clean-up after their pets. Pets are not permitted in the pool areas. Please Note: Tenants and guests are not allowed to have pets on the property. Please notify your prospective tenants and guests of this information. Owners will be held responsible for any violations of the pet rules.

  9. The Trash Compactor is located at the inside of the left front gate. Please do not leave trash outside of your front door. Bermuda Bay now has a paper recycling bin located next to the trash compactor and an aluminum recycling bin opposite the compactor.

  10. Pest Control Call front office to be put on Pest Control Schedule.  Rodent Control please inspect your air conditioning closet for holes in the drywall that are larger than the pipes going into the wall. Also check inside cabinets and bathroom vanity for holes. Use steel wool or expandable foam to close off the access to the rodents.

  11. Noise:  Please respect your neighbors and keep the noise level down. The City of St. Petersburg has a noise ordinance after 11:00 pm. Thank you.

  12. Landscaping Plans, Information & Reports
    Landscape recommended plant list;
    Florida-Friendly Landscaping February Water-Wise Workshop;
    Florida-Friendly Landscaping January Water-Wise Workshop;
    Landscaping Evaluation Report from Pinellas County Extension Service;
    Extension Report re: Water Irrigation (skip a week)


General Information - added 10/01/2016
  1. Rodent Control – please inspect your air conditioning closet for holes in the drywall that are larger than the pipes going into the wall. Rodents can get in a hole no larger than the rodents’ head. Also check inside cabinets and bathroom vanity units for holes through the drywall. Use steel wool or expandable foam to close off the access to the rodents.

  2. Air Conditioning Condensate Drain – the a/c system must drain properly to operate correctly. Every system has a condensate line running from the air handler in the closet to the outside (for first floor units) and in second floor units the line runs down to the unit’s drain line below. Place 1-2 cups of bleach in the port of the condensate line and follow it up with 2-3 cups of warm water after the bleach has had time to eradicate the algae that builds up when a system is turned off or being used seldom.

  3. Gas Grills – the St. Petersburg Fire Department prohibits the use of propane gas grills, charcoal or electric or barbecue grills on porches or within 10 feet of the building for obvious reasons. Please use your grill outside at least 10 feet from the building. GRILLS MAY NOT BE STORED ON SECOND STORY CONDOS. (Per fire safety codes)

  4. Laundry Cards – laundry cards must be purchased at the Kiosk located in the laundry room by the tennis court/ back pool laundry room. There are two (2) Laundry Facilities; one located behind Buildings 54, 55, 57, 58 and one behind the tennis court and back pool.

  5. Water Shut Off – please shut off your water when you will be out of town for a period of time. Look inside your air conditioning closet for the valves that lead to the water heater. Turn them clockwise to turn off the water to the unit. Please contact the office at (727)-864-0735 for further questions.

  6. Pedestrian Gate – there is a pedestrian gate immediately to the east of the large express gate. Touch your white gate access card to small receiver on the gate and you will see a small light turn green. Then you may open the gate. You can enter and exit the property on foot or with bicycle through this gate.

  7. Opening the Entry Gate from the Unit – you can let visitors and service personnel into the property remotely using your telephone from the unit or by cell phone. There is no need to wait outside the gate for visitors. Please contact the office at (727)-864-0735 for details and code numbers.



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